FUCK YOU. i'm a poet.

i may not write all pretty words and starry skies

and i may not sit at home alone smoking a cigarette with a great big
frown on my face

and a funny little hat

my lines dont have the same number of beats

and none of them rhyme


fuck you. i'm a poet.

my poems wont go well with music

and maybe nobody will identify or find some hidden meaning

and maybe there isnt a key word in every line

or a special phrase that someone likes

or a common thread that flows throughout all of humanity


fuck you. i'm a poet.

i can put all my poems

(and they are poems)

in a great big book

and i dont care if nobody reads them

cuz they're there.

and so am i.

i'm a poet.

i'm a poet.

I'm. A. Poet.